Core Banking System

Today's financial institutions must be built for continuous change. By choosing a next-gen Core Banking System, you can easily launch a new era of scalable, secure, and customer-centric financial services.

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Designed For Continuous Evolution.

Cloud-native, our next-generation Core Banking System allows financial institutions to create, configure, and integrate new products or user experiences through an open, flexible, and scalable architecture. TagPay offers a banking environment that adheres to the highest security standards. 

Our Clients.

New financial players want to focus on the creation of their product and its distribution. Local and international banks want to benefit from a better capacity for innovation. They all use our next-gen Core Banking System to create future financial services.

Our Key Words

Open Architecture.

Build a digital bank

Going Further.

  • Our Technology

    Understanding how TagPay's next-gen Core Banking System works.

    What are the components of our technology?
    How do they work, and what use do they have to build a financial institution?

  • Our Solution

    Discover the different features of the next-gen Core Banking System by TagPay

    The next-gen Core Banking System is a true tailor-made solution that meets all the needs of financial institutions. Our solution has an open, flexible, and scalable architecture allowing to create digital financial offers for end-customers. 

Our Partners.

TagPay works with an expansive partner ecosystem, allowing us to build the best services for our Core Banking System. With our APIs, our technology partners can interface their product or service with our solution to develop an ecosystem of next-gen banking services

Our News.

  • September 23, 2021

    Crises of confidence, business models at half-mast, limited product portfolios. So, why do neobanks have to reinvent themselves? 🤔

    The pandemic has not slowed the momentum. New banks are still being created. According to a survey by Exton Consulting, a specialty firm, more than 70 new digital banks were created around the world last year. That’s as many as in 2019. France has not escaped the trend, as is evident by recent launches by Memo Bank and Helios.

  • September 16, 2021

    Money20/20 Europe 2021 | TagPay

    The TagPay Team will be at Money 20/20 Europe and we look forward to joining fintech and banking experts. We’ll be exhibiting at RAI Amsterdam from 21-23 September at Stand C95.

  • September 15, 2021

    Why should the next generation of neobanks focus on niche markets? 📱

    When the first neobanks were launched in the early 2010s, their main selling point was being digital and offering a better customer experience. By 2021, the gap has narrowed considerably. Traditional bank apps have caught up a bit.

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