Announcing our BaaS API!

TagPay keeps no secrets from you and is ready to reveal the technology at the heart of its operations. 

By giving you access to its API BaaS documentation, you can discover TagPay’s next-gen Core Banking System, its environment, and the ways you can interact with it. TagPay gives you access to all of its technical specifications, including endpoints, attributes, requests and responses, error codes, validation, and more, which will allow you to clearly envision the integration of the next-gen Core Banking System or specific TagPay modules into your system.

The technical details provided by this new page will allow you to further familiarize yourself with the range of business applications, offering an extensive API catalog facilitating the integration of differentiated services:  KYC/KYB management, card issuing, SEPA transfers, and more. 

TagPay guides you step by step for optimal integration. Our solution allows payment and e-money institutions, neobanks, and retail banks to integrate, configure, and develop new products thanks to our open and flexible architecture. We deploy a next-gen Core Banking System offering a 100% configurable and customizable banking environment, 

We’ll be rolling out new APIs for your use in the next few months, which will allow you to access all of our products and services. Stay tuned!

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