TagPay is in the Panorama of French FinTech 🇫🇷 by France FinTech x BlackFin Tech 

This infographic shows fintechs at all stages of development: startups and scale-ups. TagPay is thrilled to be part of the solutions building digital banks and fintechs 🔥

Our next-gen Core Banking System, hosted in the cloud and mobile-centric, enables you to create a large number of financial institutions around the world 🌍

We're delighted to share this segment with all French neo-banks 📱

The number of players identified within the French ecosystem keeps going to grow, showing real dynamism on the market 👉 Nearly 600

It now covers all segments of financial services and innovative models 💡

💰 Funding: 22,1%
🤖 RegTech / Risk Management: 15,2%
💳 Payments solutions: 14,9%
👨‍🔧 Operational serives: 14,5%
🎯 Investments and wealth solutions: 13,4%
🛡 Insurance: 12,2%
📱 Banking / PFM: 7,7%

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TagPay, the technological partner you need to build your financial institution. 

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