A Tailored Technology.
A Next-Gen Core Banking System.

TagPay has developed a unique technological solution, available in both SaaS and cloud-based models, to build scalable financial institutions.

The next-gen CBS allows regulated financial institutions to configure and integrate any operating model, product, or user experience thanks to its open and flexible architecture.

Our Core Banking System features a banking environment that's 100% configurable and 100% customizable.

"More than 65% of banks in the world are exploring the potential of Next-Gen Core Banking System"

Mckinsey – Next-Generation Core Banking Plateforms: A golden ticket?

Benefits of Using the Next-Gen CBS by TagPay.

  • Improving the Customer Experience.

    By relying on our next generation CBS, you can focus on a customer-centric approach that differentiates you from the competition. You'll be able to seamlessly create personalized client experiences in real-time, thanks to integration capacities with our partners.

  • Short Time to Market.

    Rapidly roll out new products. Our platform's architecture will allow you to access a broad catalog of APIs, to build and roll out configurable and ultra-personalize financial products.

  • Economical Business Model.

    Our economical, "Pay-as-you-Go" model adapts to your activity volume to ensure you're only paying for the resources you use. This guarantees a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), all while improving the scalability of your IT infrastructure.

  • High availability in the cloud, flexibility, and scalability.

    Benefiting from a long-standing partnership with OVH, we can work with any cloud host and guarantee you a high level of performance, scalability, and dedicated instances (private cloud) for better control. It makes that possible to orchestrate all the necessary traffic and perform all updates or scalability without breaking services.

  • Open and Modular Architecture.

    Our open architecture allows you to select and integrate the partners of your choosing, or simply to develop new components and client experiences yourself. Thanks to CBS's modular design, our architecture is fully customizable and interchangeable. This allows our clients to test, replace, and redeploy any features you want.

  • Differentiating by Design

    "Focus on what matters" - we manage the complex functions of the Core Banking System that don't help you differentiate from the competition, allowing you to focus on value-added development. Focus on the real issues facing your financial institution: new, innovative products, a smooth customer experience, client acquisition/retention, and more.

  • Continuous Delivery and Integration

    We apply Continuous Delivery principles, which means that you will always have the most up-to-date version of the platform, with new features added regularly. Our Continuous Delivery development and short-term testing process ensure that you will have better quality products, a faster time to market, and a high level of agility.

  • Data Analytics and Automation

    You will be able to easily access and process your data in order to automatically generate business or regulatory reports in real-time. The structure guarantees coherent data in a centralized and customizable display.

  • Security

    Our infrastructure meets the latest international banking security standards. We take the security management of our solution very seriously and conduct regular checks and tests (internal and external audits). All data is processed with the cloud provider of your choice (OVH by default) and we ensure the best security practices: encryption, identity and access management, next-generation firewalls, and more.

A Core Banking System.
Next-Gen Technology.

Today, financial institutions have to think about constant change. As the market has grown considerably, fintechs are moving to innovate and develop new products and services that add value and differentiate them from the competition.

Legacy Core Banking Systems are still widely used in financial institutions. A next-generation of Core Banking Systems is at hand to meet these challenges. Cloud-native, these solutions are helping financial institutions to modernize and develop the agility needed for continuous change.

Based on the latest technology, these next-gen Core Banking Systems were created organically to ensure the sustainability of the System.

The Next-Gen CBS.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing makes it possible to effortlessly access and manage a large number of configurable, scalable, and agile IT resources.

  • Big Data / Data Analytics

    Data analysis allows financial institutions to make strategic decisions, improve operational procedures, consolidate the user experience (UX), and even perfect a business model.

  • AI/Machine Learning

    AI is the general science of imitating human capabilities, of which Machine Learning is a subset that learns from data, identifying patterns, and making decisions.

  • Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity relies on the latest technologies to protect networks, devices, programs, and even data from malevolent attacks.

  • Mobile-First

    Mobile-First design is a technical and marketing concept aimed at prioritizing development for mobile platforms, based on the principle of continuous improvement.

  • DevOps

    DevOps is the combination of Development and IT Operation that increases the capacity to deliver applications and services at a faster rate.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Continuous Delivery allows you to update a production platform at any moment, or at short, regular intervals.

  • Open Banking

    Open Banking is a practice that offers TPPs, through APIs, access to banking data, transactions, and other financial data.

  • APIs

    An API allows two applications to communicate with each other, share data, integrate products, and even market services.

  • Microservices

    Microservice architecture is a method for building large-scale functionality by merging several small, unique applications.

  • SaaS

    SaaS is a distribution model in which a vendor hosts applications for clients and makes them available over the internet.

Building a financial institution with TagPay.

Our open, flexible, and scalable next-generation CBS is capable of meeting all of a financial institution's IT needs. More than 30 institutions have selected our next generation CBS, including Electronic Money Institutions, Payment Institutions, Neo Banks, and retail banks.

Create a financial institution in 3 different ways.

  • Greenfield

    A Greenfield project involves launching a financial institution and an MVP quickly (6 to 9 months). This is the least costly approach and gives you the greatest ability to test and innovate. With our solution, all you have to do is develop your value proposition and your front end. You'll have a hyper-competitive product compared to your competition.

    With the flexibility and scalability of our next generation CBS, you'll be able to build a full-fledged digital bank, going from thousands to millions of clients without any interruption to your service.

  • Progressive Modernization

    TagPay allows financial institutions to progressively modernize their Core Banking Systems by launching new digital products. These new products will be based on TagPay's technology stack, a modern and scalable architecture facilitating the management of product flows and volumes.

    Using our next-generation CBS's APIs, we can connect our solution to your existing systems (payments, KYC, credit, and more). The progressive modernization approach allows you to increasingly and sustainability offer added value to your clients. 

  • Full replacement / Replatforming

    Whether you are modernizing your obsolete system or need to innovate quickly and economically, replatforming is an expedient way to develop competitive advantages. Thanks to modern migration tools, TagPay helps you to migrate your products and your existing clients to our next-generation Core Banking System, without interrupting services.

    At the end of the process, your financial institution will have a cloud-native, scalable, modular, and Open API platform thanks to our continuous delivery process.

    The Lean Core philosophy that underpins our solution gives you access to consistent and available data while offering a range of business capabilities and customizable, automated operations and process flows.

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